Current and recent portfolio

  • SLIC Network Solutions connects communities to the world with high speed data, video and phone service via fiber to homes & businesses across Northern NY

  • BCT is a limited partnership that has acquired a controlling interest in ServiceChannel, a specialist in facilities management logistics.  ServiceChannel's products are cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) offerings that support business-to-business transactions and work-flow management.  Vanguard Atlantic is a limited partner in BCT.
  • Clinithink supplies server and cloud-based tools that convert free-form medical text into fully-structured data streams that can be used by applications and analytical tools that demand structured inputs.  Cinithink's Clix software uses natural language processing and proprietary post-processing algorithms to construct fully-coded ICD-9, ICD-10, and SNOMED strings.  The underlying SNOMED structures are retained in XML format for a myriad of uses.  The great problem in medical coding, beyond coding for billing purposes, is creating data elements that are consistently coded regardless of the input language used (e.g., myocardial infarction, MI, and heart attack are all identical).  Clix is the first software to use extensive post-processes to create repeatable codes that can be ultimately used, for example, to do detail analytical studies of symptoms, treatments and outcomes.  The first commercial application of this technology is the selection of cohorts for Phase II clinical trials.
  • Axolotl Corp. provided complete health information exchanges (HIEs) for regional health organizations and hospital networks and provides collaborative clinical messaging systems  and electron medical records to link ambulatory care providers to their healthcare partners and to each other.    The company also offerer  medical transcription services for larger practices and hospitals.  Vanguard Atlantic formed Axolotl in 1995 and invested in three subsequent financings.  In August 2010 Vanguard Atlantic sold its interest in Axolotl into the cash-for-stock merger with Ingenix, a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Health Group (now Optum Health).  This transaction is the second in VAL's history with more than a 10x return (the public offering of Mercator being the first).
  • Novak Biddle LP specializes in high technology investments in and around Washington D.C..  Vanguard Atlantic has been an investor in each of the three NBLP funds and has co-invested with NBLP. 
  • VAL e-Investments is a sub-fund in which Vanguard Atlantic Ltd. is both co-general and limited partner.  VAL e-Investments is managed by former Vanguard Atlantic Partner Jan Rumberger.  It specializes in stat-up investments in the Susquehanna Valley region of Pennsylvania.
  • Alara, Inc.  Used proprietary storage phosphor technology in dental and medical applications.  Vanguard Atlantic Ltd. led Alara's first external funding round in May 2000.  Until 2012 Alara supplied film-free digital dental devices through Dentsply and a digital bone mineral density device that identifies osteoporosis in less than 30 seconds in an office setting and the CRystalView R200 desktop CR system, a  storage phosphor device that replaces film while letting clinics, radiology centers and hospitals use their existing X-ray equipment.  In late 2012 into mid-2013 Alara sold off its various product lines to its distribution train and is in the final stages of returning the proceeds from these sales to its investors.
  • Packaged Business Solutions International.  Helps clients migrate to the .net environment while maintaining legacy applications on their iSeries hardware.